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OSU students can use the services provided by VŠB-TUO like catering, library, printing and copying documents, internet acces etc. First step to use these services is a registration in VŠB-TUO information system.


Registration consist of two parts:

  • online registration on web page
    • select item "Ostravská univerzita"
    • enter your OSU login and password
    • your data (name, surname, email) will be displayed and you will be ask to provide your date of birth
    • after succesfull registration your new VŠB-TUO login and information about password will be displayed
  • Card center personal visit - after online registration. Your photo will be taken and VŠB-TUO card will be printed for you. You can use services after 15 min of new card creation. 

Registration validity is to the end of September of actual academic year.

Renewal of registration

It is necessary to extend validity of registration each academic year. Renewal of registration is provided online on the same web page as registration - - and is available in the begining of September. When you log in an extension of registration is offered (new validity will be set to the end of next academic year).

Loss of card

You can block your card online or by contacting Card center. If you need new card, you have to come to Card Center personaly.