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The Halls of Residence at the University campus in Poruba is located about 11km from the centre of Ostrava (20 min by tram). The Halls of Residence in Ostrava Poruba is the biggest accommodation area for students and employees of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO). Accommodation capacity is 3 074 beds and there is a possibility to choose between 2 bed and 3 bed rooms. The whole campus area is situated close to the VŠB-TUO Main Building (Rector‘s Department) and it is easily accessible by public transport (tram number 7,8,17 – tram stop „Rektorát VŠB“ – which is in front of the main entrance of the VSB-TUO, bus number 37, 40 – bus stop „Studentská“ or „Studentské koleje“- which is directly next to the main entrance of the Halls of Residence or by own car, https://www.vsb.cz/en/university/contacts-maps-parking/how-to-get-to-our-campus/.

 There are also plenty of cultural and sports facilities in the campus.

Buildings A and B

High-rise buildings with 13 floors in Poruba campus offer accommodation to 1722 students. Each dwelling unit consists of two rooms (one double bedroom and one triple beds room). These two rooms have shared sanitary facility and hall with refrigerator. There are two kitchenettes per floor. Every kitchenette is equipped with a cooking stove, electric kettles and a microwave. 

Building A and BBuilding A and B

In 2010-2011 both buildings underwent major reconstruction changes. The main objective was to improve the infrastructure for education and to create suitable conditions for both domestic and foreign students.

triple roomdouble roomBathroom

Buildings C,D,E

Buildings C, D, E offers accommodation in double rooms of the cellular type. Each cell consists of two rooms which have shared bathroom facilities and a kitchenette (fridge and cooker). There is a microwave oven on each floor.

Buildings C,D,EBuilding C

Since 2012, buildings C, D, E have undergone reconstruction changes. The reconstruction involves the gradual replacement of windows and insulation of the building envelope.

Double roomDouble roomBathroom


Currently, all rooms have the possibility of connecting to the Internet (cable ways), more information HERE. In the buildings B, C, D and E is also able to connect to the Internet wirelessly via WI-FI. This connection is particularly suitable for connecting mobile phones and tablets, more information HERE.

Leisure time

In the area of higher education colleges, students can spend their leisure time in student clubs or in one of the dance group (dance and dulcimer music). For those who love playing music, there is a music classroom with pianos. There are plenty sport and leasure time facilities. There is a mini golf course, gym, table tennis and games room.

Accommodation services

The wide range of services that students can use include a laundry service, a rental of a vacuum cleaner or iron, regular bed linen change, a bicycle storage and a luggage storage in the summer months.

You can find the list all services on https://www.vsb.cz/ubytovani/en/useful/services/.


The main canteen is located within the VŠB-TUO campus, where students can arrange theire meals (lunch). For more information about catering go to https://www.vsb.cz/en/study/study-in-ostrava/meals/.

jídelna I-2jídelna I-výdejní linkajídelna I-pokladny 1

Students can also take advantage of the newly built pizzeria. The pizzeria is located at the campus. 26 types of pizzas is offered and of course there is delivery service available. Menu and contacts can be found in the link, http://www.vsb.cz/ubytovani/en/useful/pizzerie/.

Pizzerie_areál kolejíbufet a pizzerie 006bufet a pizzerie 005

The cafeteria, which is also located at the campus, provides sales of food and retail for students, staff and the public.

Bufet (2)Bufet (3)Bufet (1)

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