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Accommodation services provide a complete service for maintenance and repair of the premises of the dormitories. The members of accommodation services will assist with minor repairs. Large scale repairs will be serviced by companies selected trough competitive procedures.

Ways to deal with failures:

  • fill in the form „Failure announcement
  • use postboxes located on selected floors in the buildings C,D,E
  • report failures personally to the building manager or to the reception

Electric revision

Use of the extension cords is subject to revisions by maintenance staff member, who will inspect and attach to each cord proof of revision. Use of extension cords is permited only to computers, where it is absolutely necesarry.

These inspections can be done by the maintenance staff in their workplace – on the ground floor of the building A, from 13:00 to 14:30. Alternatively, student can arrange another time on phone +420 59699 6129 or e-mail: