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Erasmus+: Training

This activity supports the professional development of pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff at universities in the form of training abroad (conferences excluding), job-shadowing, lectures or professional courses at partner higher education institutions or other relevant organizations abroad.

Step 1:
Who can apply


  • must have an employment contract concluded with VSB-TUO and be an academic or non-academic staff member at the university
  • must successfully past a selection procedure at a faculty
Step 2:
When, where and for how long I can travel


The training can take place at institutions located in programme countries participating in programme Erasmus+. The employee can go to a higher education institution which is registered in Erasmus Charter for Higher Education or to a company. It is also possible to travel to Staff Week whose offer is regularly updated here.


  • 1.9.2020 - 31.8.2021

For how long?

  • The minimum length of the stay - 2 consecutive days of teaching
  • The maximum length of the stay - 2 months (60 days)
Step 3:
Selection procedure

Each participant must successfully pass the faculty selection procedure. The selection procedure usually takes place twice a year. 

Selection procedure:

  • It is fully within the competence of the sending faculty
  • It is carried out impartially and transparently, it is properly documented
  • Preference is given to applicants who travel abroad for the first time in the relevant academic year, as well as those who use a foreign language during the journey

The sending faculty is responsible for compliance with the eligibility criteria and the conduct of the selection procedure. Further information on the conditions of the selection procedure will be provided by the faculty coordinator.

Step 4:
Mobility process

Before the mobility starts,  deliver to the University International Office following documents:

After returning from the mobility, deliver to the University International Office following documents:

  • Settlement of trip expenses - 
  • The original of Confirmation of the mobility period - it serves as a basis for calculating the final amount of the awarded grant
  • On-line final report „EU Survey“ – each participant will receive an automatically generated e-mail with login details and information on how to fill in the final report after the end of the mobility. A participant who does not submit the final report online may be required to reimburse the grant.
Step 5:
What can be refund from Erasmus +

Financial support is provided exclusively for training days filled in the Training Mobility Agreement.

The mobility participant is entitled to cover:

a)      travel expenses  

  • is provided on the basis of actual costs
  • includes all costs and all means of transport used on the way from the starting point (VŠB-TUO) to the destination and back
  • the cheapest mode of transport is allowed
  • the amount of the travel expenses is counted as the distance of VSB-TUO and the place of the mobility according to Distance calculator and the Fare rates.

  • expenses connected with the travel by car - it is possible to reimburse up to the price of a ticket for a 2nd class train, bus or plane (the cheapest option) Only 1 ticket per a car can be reimbursed regardless of the number of people traveling in the same vehicle. The printed ticket must be delivered. It is also possible to reimburse the motorway toll.
  • in justified cases (according to efficiency) it is possible to rent a car abroad for the purpose of transport from the airport or train station to the place of activity. Car rental can only be included in travel costs. This fact must be discussed in advance at the Department of International Relations.

b)      individual support 

  • includes accommodation, meals, pocket money, local transport, the course fee
  • is provided on the basis of actual costs
  • the maximum daily rates depending on the destination are listed in the following table
  • the amount of financial support is determined according to the number of days for which the training actually took place:

Grant = number of working days (indicated in the signed confirmation) x daily rate for the target destination

Mobility of employees with severe disabilities

If the medical condition of the mobility participant requires increased travel or subsistence costs, the staff member may apply for additional financial support in addition to the regular Erasmus + grant.

A grant for participants with special needs may be requested for the following items/services:

  • transport (difference in the price of ordinary transport and required above-standard transport to the place of stay and in the destination during the stay),
  • accommodation (difference in the price of the required above-standard accommodation compared to the usual one - eg a barrier-free room near the institution),
  • meals (difference in the price of the required above-standard meals compared to the usual ones - eg gluten-free foods),
  • assistant services (indicate the hourly rate of the assistant and the required number of hours of his services),
  • medical care (regular visits to a doctor in the Czech Republic or abroad, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, etc. - the need for regular medical care must be stated in the medical report that you attach to the application),
  • possibly other services.

This allowance is not eligible. The amount of the allowance is determined by the Dům zahraniční spolupráce, but always on the basis of real expenses. If you are interested in this allowance, please inform the University International Office.

For further information, see the following web.