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Power Plants

* Exchange students do not have to consider this information when selecting suitable courses for an exchange stay.

Course Unit Code410-2303/01
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated8 ECTS credits
Type of Course Unit *Compulsory
Level of Course Unit *First Cycle
Year of Study *Third Year
Semester when the Course Unit is deliveredWinter Semester
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Language of InstructionCzech
Prerequisites and Co-Requisites Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester
Name of Lecturer(s)Personal IDName
GON72prof. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.
In this class student will learn to describe the many types of power plants, renewable resources ad new thermal and electricity power resources. There is described electricity equipment, regulation a protections in power plants.
Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit
This class is focused on power plant basic conceptions, describing of basic and non traditional power plants, applications of new knowledge to practices, orientation during difficult working situations, solving basic and difficult information needed for working, interpreting knowledge and demonstrating engineer thinking for new problems solving.
Course Contents
Basic concepts of electric power system, thermal power stations, T-s and i-s diagram, thermal schema, power equipment of thermal power plants
Hydroelectric power plants - storage, flow, pumping
Nuclear power plants - fundamental principles, nuclear fission, description of the equipment, heat diagrams
Power plants with gas turbine combined cycle power
Wind energy, small hydropower plants, uUnconventional sources of energy, environmental aspects of power generation
The main diagram, selfconsumption
Alternators, vector diagram, description, parameters, eExcitation systems, voltage regulation, shunting, operating diagram
Transformers and electric motors
Protection and automation in power stations
Primary, secondary, tertiary regulation, coupling power on the electricity grid

Variables and relations of thermodynamics, calculation of the parameters of power plants, test, energy saving potential

Measurement of radioactivity, measurements on a generator, measurement of photovoltaic cell, measurement of digital protection

Thermal power station
Recommended or Required Reading
Required Reading:
Crappe, M.:Electric Power Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA, 2008
Grigsby, L.L. Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. CRC Press, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4398-5628-4
Doležal a kol.: Jaderné a klasické elektrárny, ČVUT Praha 2011, ISBN 978-80-01-04936-5
Mastný a kol.: Obnovitelné zdroje elektrické energie, ČVUT Praha 2011, ISBN 978-80-01-04937-2
Tlustý a kol.: Monitorování, řízení a chránění elektrizačních soustav, ČVUT Praha 2011, ISBN 978-80-01-04940-2
Kolcun, M.; Mešter, M.; Džmura, J.; Pavlík, M. Elektrárne. Technická univerzita v Košiciach, 2017, 202 stran. ISBN 978-80-553-3119-5.
Blume S.W.: Electric Power System Basics, IEEE Press, 2007

Recommended Reading:
Blume S.W.: Electric Power System Basics, IEEE Press, 2007
Science and Reactor Fundamentals: Electrical, CNSC Technical Training Group, USA, 2003
Heřman, J.: Příručka silnoproudé elektrotechniky, Praha SNTL, 1984
Tůma J.: Elektroenergetika a životní prostředí, ČVUT Praha 1993
Dočekal, A.: Elektrárny II, ČVUT Praha, 1995
Planned learning activities and teaching methods
Lectures, Tutorials, Experimental work in labs, Project work, Other activities, Field trip, Teaching by an expert (lecture or tutorial)
Assesment methods and criteria
Task TitleTask TypeMaximum Number of Points
(Act. for Subtasks)
Minimum Number of Points for Task Passing
Exercises evaluation and ExaminationCredit and Examination100 (100)51
        Exercises evaluationCredit35 (35)15
                ProjectProject8 0
                TestWritten test15 0
                MeasurementLaboratory work12 0
        ExaminationExamination65 (65)9
                Zkouškový testWritten examination25 5
                Ústní částOral examination40 4