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Physics III - Optics

* Exchange students do not have to consider this information when selecting suitable courses for an exchange stay.

Course Unit Code480-2043/01
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated6 ECTS credits
Type of Course Unit *Optional
Level of Course Unit *First Cycle
Year of Study *Second Year
Semester when the Course Unit is deliveredSummer Semester
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Language of InstructionCzech
Prerequisites and Co-Requisites Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester
Name of Lecturer(s)Personal IDName
ZIV01prof. Ing. Ondřej Životský, Ph.D.
Knowledge of students will include:
- applications of high-level mathematics on problems from the area of description of optical effects;
- broad review about optical methods used in modern applications;
- theoretical and practical introduction into the measurements of basic optical quantities and parameters.
Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit
The aim of the subject is to gain basic knowledge about optical radiation, its propagation in various environments and at their interfaces, and its interaction with substances. We will focus our attention mainly on geometric optics, scalar wave optics, and electromagnetic optics. After completing the course the student will be able to apply the methods of university mathematics to problems in the field of description of optical phenomena, gain broad knowledge and overview of optical methods used in modern applications and will be theoretically acquainted with measurements of basic optical quantities and parameters.
Course Contents
Subject outline:
1. Geometric optics, optical devices, eye.
2. Wave function, wave equation, plane and spherical waves, monochromatic and polychromatic light.
3. Interference, diffraction, light coherence.
4. Electromagnetic optics, energy of elmag. waves, Maxwell equations in homogeneous isotropic materials.
5. Conductive materials, relations between absorption and dispersion.
6. Reflection and transmission of waves, Fresnell relations, polarization of light, Faraday effect.
7. Interaction of radiation with material, photoelectric effect, optical and X-ray spectra, lasers.
Recommended or Required Reading
Required Reading:
B. E. A. Saleh, M. C. Teich, Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons, 2006. ISBN: 9-780471-358329.
F. A. Jenkins, H. E. White, Fundamentals of Optics, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2013. ISBN: 9-780072-561913.
B. E. A. Saleh, M. C. Teich, Základy fotoniky, Matfyzpress, 1994, angl. orig. Fundamentals of Photonics: John Wiley & Sons, 1991. ISBN: 8-085863-006.
F. A. Jenkins, H. E. White, Fundamentals of Optics, 4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2013. ISBN: 9-780072-561913.

Recommended Reading:
Papers in scientific journals focused on optics and optical properties of materials.
Články v odborných časopisech zaměřených na optiku a optické vlastnosti materiálů.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods
Lectures, Tutorials
Assesment methods and criteria
Task TitleTask TypeMaximum Number of Points
(Act. for Subtasks)
Minimum Number of Points for Task Passing
Credit and ExaminationCredit and Examination100 (100)51
        CreditCredit40 (40)20
                Písemný test č. 1Written test20 1
                Písemný test č. 2Written test20 1
        ExaminationExamination60 (60)15
                Písemná část zkouškyWritten examination30 10
                Ústní část zkouškyOral examination30 5