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Operation and Regulation of Energy Equipments

* Exchange students do not have to consider this information when selecting suitable courses for an exchange stay.

Course Unit Code361-0515/08
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated5 ECTS credits
Type of Course Unit *Compulsory
Level of Course Unit *Second Cycle
Year of Study *Second Year
Semester when the Course Unit is deliveredWinter Semester
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Language of InstructionCzech
Prerequisites and Co-Requisites Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester
Name of Lecturer(s)Personal IDName
KON320Ing. Jaroslav Konvička, Ph.D.
Students will learn the basics of the dynamic properties of boilers and their accessories, the basics of control systems (blockages, protection, ZSB) used in the field of power equipment. They will also learn about the structure of the main control circuits on the boiler and the power plant block, including their linkage to the dynamic properties of the controlled system (evaporator, steam superheater, mills, fireplace, boiler output, electrical power of the aod) and the links between them.
Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit
Expand students' knowledge in the field of dynamic properties of boilers and the basic control circuits.
Course Contents
1. Fundamentals of control, control circuit description, quantity.
2. The security system block protection block.
3. Transfer function, transfer, transient response, algebra transmission.
4. Basic control circuits boiler input and output variables, state variables.
5. Possible ways to control the output of the boiler, the dynamics of the evaporator.
6. Dynamics mills, control the different types of mills.
7. The dynamics of the steam superheater, basic temperature control couples.
8. Individual types of temperature control couples.
9. Inter-superheater, its peculiarities and methods of control on the flue gas side.
10. Inter-superheater and its control on the steam side.
11. Control of boiler feed drum and flow.
12. Temperature control for boiler flue gas, dew point.
13. Control power generating unit, frequency control.
14. Control of heat supply, specialty design.
Recommended or Required Reading
Required Reading:
DUKELOW, S., G. The Control of Boilers. USA: The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society, 1991, ISBN 1-55617-330-X.
VILIMEC, L. Řízení a regulace energetických zařízení. Skripta VŠB TU Ostrava, 2008. ISBN 978-80-248-1853-5.
ČERNÝ, V. a kol. Parní kotle. Technický průvodce 32. Praha : SNTL Praha, 1983.
KARTÁK, J., ŠULA, O. Dynamika a regulace parních kotlů. Praha: SNTL 1981.
DUKELOW, S., G. The Control of Boilers. USA: The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society, 1991. ISBN 1-55617-330-X.
Recommended Reading:
KITTO, B., J., STULTZ, C., S. Steam: Its generation and use. 41st edition. USA, Ohio: The Babcock Wilcox Company, 2005 ISBN 0-9634570-1-2.
WOHLFARTH, R. Boiler Operator's Guide, 5e, Mcgraw Hill Book Co 2021, ISBN 9781260026993
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Planned learning activities and teaching methods
Lectures, Tutorials
Assesment methods and criteria
Task TitleTask TypeMaximum Number of Points
(Act. for Subtasks)
Minimum Number of Points for Task Passing
Credit and ExaminationCredit and Examination100 (100)51
        CreditCredit35 18
        ExaminationExamination65 33