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Underground Mining of Deposits

* Exchange students do not have to consider this information when selecting suitable courses for an exchange stay.

Course Unit Code542-0706/04
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated5 ECTS credits
Type of Course Unit *Compulsory
Level of Course Unit *First Cycle
Year of Study *Second Year
Semester when the Course Unit is deliveredSummer Semester
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Language of InstructionCzech
Prerequisites and Co-Requisites Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester
Name of Lecturer(s)Personal IDName
HUD30prof. Ing. Vlastimil Hudeček, CSc.
SAN02doc. Ing. Jindřich Šancer, Ph.D.
ZUB021doc. Ing. Václav Zubíček, Ph.D.
SEI08Ing. Miroslav Seidl, Ph.D.
The goal of the subject is to extent knowledge of students in the problems of underground mining of minerals deposits under different of geological and
operational conditions. The attention is focused to the methods of development and exploitation of coal and ore deposits, machinery and technologies used in the processes of mining, transport, mine ventilation, methane drainage, dewatering and dust control. The problems of mining under difficult conditions are described include removing the impacts of deep mining upon the landscape environment.
Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit
The student will learn how to classify the basic types of organizational structures in the subject Underground mining of deposits and how to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to define and reproduce facts, to interpret acquired pieces of information in new situations and to compare them.

Subsequently, the students will learn how to analyse information, connect pieces of information, order information according to importance and use it in experiments and synthesis with a view to definite recommendations.

Course Contents
1. Deposits.
2. Technical properties of rocks and soils.
3. Factors influencing the choice of mining methods.
4. The management of mining works in relation to the mining method.
5. Basic characteristics of mining methods walls.
6. Chamber-pillar method in the world and Czech mining.
7. Methods of mining coal seams in the powerful benches.
8. Modern equipment wall faces.
9. Packs.
10. Mining of coal deposits in difficult mining and geological conditions.
11. Mining of ore deposits, non-ore and uranium.
12. Nontraditional methods of underground mining deposits.
13. Ventilation in underground mines.
14. Eliminate the effects of mining activities, reclamation and rehabilitation of terrains
Recommended or Required Reading
Required Reading:
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Recommended Reading:
ŽUREK,P.: Basic of Mining. Skripta VŠB-TUO HGF, pro program ERASMUS, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0800-5
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Časopisy Uhlí,Rudy,geologický průzkum ( ISSN 1210-7697
Žůrek,P.: Basic of Mining. Skripta VŠB-TUO HGF, pro program ERASMUS, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0800-5
Planned learning activities and teaching methods
Lectures, Seminars, Individual consultations
Assesment methods and criteria
Task TitleTask TypeMaximum Number of Points
(Act. for Subtasks)
Minimum Number of Points for Task Passing
Credit and ExaminationCredit and Examination100 (100)51
        CreditCredit33 17
        ExaminationExamination67 18