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Information on Degree Programmes and Course Units

For: Faculty of Economics

CodeDegree Programme TitleQualification AwardedStudy PeriodLanguage of Instruction
B0311A050004 Applied Economics Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B0311A050005 Applied Economics Bc. 3.0 years English
B0312A050001 Public Economics and Administration Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B0411A050001 Accounting and Taxes Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B0412A050005 Finance Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B0412A050006 Finance Bc. 3.0 years English
B0413A050012 Economics and Management Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B0414A050001 Marketing Bc. 3.0 years Czech
B6208 Economics and Management Bc. 3.0 years Czech, English
N0311A050012 Applied economics Ing. 2.0 years Czech
N0311A050013 Applied Economics Ing. 2.0 years English
N0312A050001 Public Economics and Administration Ing. 2.0 years Czech
N0412A050005 Finance Ing. 2.0 years English
N0413A050014 Economics and Management Ing. 2.0 years Czech
N0488A050004 Finance and Accounting Ing. 2.0 years Czech