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Informatics A

* Exchange students do not have to consider this information when selecting suitable courses for an exchange stay.

Course Unit Code155-0300/02
Number of ECTS Credits Allocated4 ECTS credits
Type of Course Unit *Compulsory
Level of Course Unit *First Cycle
Year of Study *First Year
Semester when the Course Unit is deliveredWinter Semester
Mode of DeliveryFace-to-face
Language of InstructionCzech, English
Prerequisites and Co-Requisites There are no prerequisites or co-requisites for this course unit
Name of Lecturer(s)Personal IDName
NOV21Ing. Vítězslav Novák, Ph.D.
ROZ01Ing. Petr Rozehnal, Ph.D.
The aim is to consolidate students' knowledge in the field of personal informatics. Students should understand the structure of computer equipment (hardware and software), the operation of computer networks (LAN and WAN) and be able to use the services of the Internet.
Learning Outcomes of the Course Unit
- get basic information wich are necessary by working with PC
- be able to describe basic PC structure
- be able to characterize the function of individual PC components
- be able to acquire pogram tools wich is normally used by work of user
- obtain information about the functioning of communication networks
- explain the principles of the Internet
- use the Internet to obtain information
Course Contents
1. Introduction to Computer Science - Basic concepts, business informatics, status and use of ICT in organizations.
2. Text editor - advanced document management.
3. Text editor - advanced document management.
4. Spreadsheet.
5. Spreadsheet.
6. Spreadsheet.
7. Software - software in the context of the implementation of hardware.
8. Software - software development, classification software.
9. Computer networks - basic networking concepts, principles of computer networks, layered models.
10. Networks - the basics of local networks, access networks.
11. Internet and its services - Internet protocols.
12. Internet and its services - advanced search on the Internet, search engines.
13. The structure of the personal computer - the concept and classification of computers, the structure and function of computers.
14. Hardware - PC components, purpose and function.
Recommended or Required Reading
Required Reading:
White, Ron. How Computers Work. 9 ed. Indianopolis: QUE Publishing. 2008. 452 s. ISBN 978-0-7897-3613-0.
MINISTR, Jan, Vítězslav Novák, Martin Pochyla a Petr Rozehnal. Osobní informatika. Ostrava: VŠB TU Ostrava.160 s. ISBN 978-80-248-3167-1.
GÁLA, Libor, Jan POUR a Zuzana ŠEDIVÁ. Podniková informatika. 2., přeprac. a aktualiz. vyd. Praha: Grada, 2009. 496 s. ISBN 978-80-247-2615-1.
TVRDÍKOVÁ, Milena. Aplikace moderních informačních technologií v řízení firmy. Praha: Grada Publishing, 2008, 173 s. ISBN 978-80-247-2728-8.
BARILLA, Jiří, Pavel SIMR a Květuše SÝKOROVÁ. Microsoft Excel 2010: podrobná uživatelská příručka. Brno: Computer Press, 2010, 416 s. ISBN 978-80-251-3031-5.
PÍRKOVÁ, Kateřina, Pavel SIMR a Květuše SÝKOROVÁ. Microsoft Word 2010: podrobná uživatelská příručka. Brno: Computer Press, 2010, 365 s. ISBN 978-80-251-3033-9.
Recommended Reading:
Tanenbaum, Andrew. Computer Networks. 4th ed. Prentice Hall PTR, 2003. ISBN 0-13-038488-7
MINASI, Mark. The Complete PC Upgrade and maintance Guide – 16. edition. San Francisco: Sybex Inc., 2005, 872 s. ISBN 0-7821-4431-4
PUŽMANOVÁ, Rita. Širokopásmový Internet, Přístupové a domácí sítě. Computer Press. Brno, 2004. ISBN 80-251-0139-8.
HORÁK, Jaroslav, Pavel SIMR a Květuše SÝKOROVÁ. Hardware: učebnice pro pokročilé. 4. aktualiz. vyd. Brno: Computer Press, 2007. 360 s. ISBN 978-80-251-1741-5.
BROŽ, Milan, Pavel SIMR a Květuše SÝKOROVÁ. Microsoft Excel pro manažery a ekonomy: učebnice pro pokročilé. 4. aktualiz. vyd. Brno: Computer Press, 2006, 430 s. ISBN 80-251-1307-8.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods
Lectures, Tutorials
Assesment methods and criteria
Task TitleTask TypeMaximum Number of Points
(Act. for Subtasks)
Minimum Number of Points for Task Passing
Exercises evaluationCredit85 0