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Výzva na podporu mladých výzkumných pracovníků.

Výzva na podporu mladých výzkumných pracovníků.





Objective of the call

The aims of the MOBILITY programme, co-financed by NKTH-OTKA-EU 7th Framework Programme (Marie Curie actions), include promoting the scientific careers of researchers with PhD degree or at least 4 years of full-time research experience by

  • supporting their mobility and international experience-gaining,
  • promoting the exploitation of experience acquired in international, non-European countries by supporting researchers returning to Hungary.



Why is it worth submitting a proposal?

  • because the call contributes to Your successful career-building,
  • because the funding stimulates Your professional development and experience-gaining inside and outside Europe,
  • because You can work together with the best researchers from all over the world,
  • because you can receive funding for continuing your research career in Europe after having returned from a non-European country,


Who can submit a proposal?

Researchers with PhD degree or at least 4-years of full-time research experience are eligible to submit a proposal in case of all thematic priorities.


Which science fields are covered by the programme?


The call is open for every science field:

  • technical sciences
  • natural sciences
  • life sciences
  • social sciences


The main evaluation aspect is the scientific excellence.


What are the eligible activities under the programme?


A.,       Outgoing mobility (HUMAN-MB08-A): Helping researchers with Hungarian nationality to gain international experience by supporting their research projects at  prominent international research units.

B.,       Incoming mobility (HUMAN-MB08-B): promotes the employment of researchers with non-Hungarian nationality at internationally renowned Hungarian research units, hereby advancing the international research and development co-operations and knowledge transfer.


C.,       Reintegration (HUMAN-MB08-C): assists researchers who have worked in a non-European country for at least 36 months prior to application in creating   research units in Hungary.



What can be funded by the programme?


Successful applicants will receive a final grant with no repayment obligation. There is no need to provide own resources for the projects. The funding covers the personnel costs of the researchers and contributes to the research costs of the projects. Furthermore the Hungarian institutions hosting or delegating the researchers receive funding for their management and overhead costs.


How to submit a proposal?


Proposals shall be submitted in English to the OTKA Office.



·         Electronically via the EPR electronic system http://www.otka.hu/index.php?akt_menu=1442 ,


·         By post, as a registered letter to the following address



1476 Bp. 100. Pf. 289.


The original printed copy of the proposal with original signatures and with the attachments shall be sent to the OTKA Office by registered mail, separated from any other documentation. On the parcel, please indicate the priority acronym: „HUMAN MB08-A”, or „HUMAN-MB08-B”, or „HUMAN-MB08-C”.

By electronic submission the acronym of the proposal shall be indicated in the subject field: HUMAN-MB08.


Submission deadlines:


The call is open for continuous submission from its publication until its budget is exhausted, but no later than 1st October 2010.


Proposals shall be evaluated twice yearly. Submission deadline for the second, autumn round:


20th November 2009 (submission by e-mail)

25th November 2009 (submission by post)


The next submission deadlines will be published at the beginning of 2010.



More information about the programme


For more information please contact the OTKA Office (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund).

Ø      Phone: 219-8700

Ø      E-mail: otka@otka.hu

Ø      www.otka.hu


The Information package of the call (“Call for proposals” and Guide for applicants) and the detailed description of the programme is available on the following website:



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