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Platnost příspěvku skončila 31. 8. 2019!

Stáž na Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard

Integration of Maintenance, Quality and Production: creation of an industrial application case


Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard
Laboratoire ICB-COMM
Rue de Leupe
90400 Sevenans

Remuneration: around 570€/month
Duration: 6 months
Start of the internship: September 2019


In the context of the factory of the future, the quantity of data available is constantly increasing due
to the recent evolutions linked to the digital revolution in factories and to the possibility of collecting
a maximum of data. Their exploitation for the purpose of condition-based or even predictive
maintenance policies is more and more relevant. The IMPERiuM project deals with manufacturing production of mechanical components in the context of factory of the future. As the quality of manufactured products and the respect of production times are strongly impacted by the maintenance actions performed on the production process, it is important to consider the interdependence that exists between production management, production quality and maintenance of the production process. This project has for main objective to propose a methodology which aims at building a unified on-line dynamic decision tool governing production management, quality control and maintenance in order to insure the control of Product Quality/Cost/Time.

The objective of the internship is to contribute to:

  • A survey conducted among a group of companies to gather information on their issues around the interaction between production, quality and maintenance at an organizational level, as well as a management and data exploitation level;
  • Position the problem of integration of maintenance in the quality control/management and production management;
  • Create an application case that will be used to test research results.


Depending on the candidate's profile and his / her interest, two orientations can be considered, one more methodological and the other closer to industrial issues.

Profile of the candidate
BAC + 4/5 in industrial engineering or mechanical engineering with skills, if possible, in dependability (RAMS), maintenance policy, quality monitoring or statistical process control (SPC) and production management.

To apply
Send your cover letter and CV to toufik.boudouh@utbm.fr

Vloženo: 25. 6. 2019
Kategorie:  Stáže a stipendia
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