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Chinese language courses just starting in the Confucius Classroom at VSB-TUO

Chinese language courses just starting in the Confucius Classroom at VSB-TUO
Confucius Classroom, Chinese culture centre located in building C (room C115), has prepared Chinese language courses for upcoming semester. They are starting September 16 and will be taught by professional native speakers.

You can also look forward to various workshops during the semester: 

  • Qi Gong exercises 
  • Tea ceremony 
  • Chinese kitchen 
  • Chinese calligraphy 
  • Courses will be available, aside from students and employees of our University, also to general public. 

Chinese language courses: 

  • Led by skilled native speakers 
  • Taught in English 
  • Calligraphic pens, paper and textbooks and other materials available in the Classroom 
  • Courses begin on 16 September 2019 – head to VSB-TUO webpage to get more info about ECTS availability 

Skills that students will obtain: 

  • Reading/writing of 150 Chinese characters 
  • Understanding Pinyin 
  • Everyday Chinese 
  • Simple Chinese conversations (greeting, pathfinding, work and study talk, meal order, shopping etc.) 

Price list of Chinese language courses: 

  • Students and employees of VSB-TUO: free of charge  
  • Students of elementary or grammar schools, Alumni, ZTP a seniors 60+: 2400 CZK 
  • General public: 3000 CZK 

Sign up now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkcZVjl7rWeNLNVNEDIijY-AaZCKbhEr_ZY1xld7wsLoSg7w/viewform

Contact person:

Kristina Hoblíková Nguyenová, M. A. 
Email: confucius@vsb.cz 

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