ESN activities in 2018

Erasmus Student Network President summarizes activities held for the international students in the past year

We started the year 2018 by visiting ice statues at Pustevny. Mountain trips are very popular among the students. A well-liked Slavic Party in the Vrtule Club at the dorms closed the month of January.

Summer Term Orientation Days including Welcome Ceremony with the Rector and Welcome Party took place in February. Other trips and activities that followed included Sightseeing Game enabling the students to get to know the city centre. Orientation Days among others offered a Czech FILLUP, Speed Meeting in the Vrtule Club as well as a Flea Market whose profit was used for beneficial purposes. A climb up the Ema Mound took place at the end of the welcome week.

The weeks after involved another FILLUP, this time Arabic, Laser Game, presentation of our closest neighbour, Slovakia, or visit to the Dolní Vítkovice. The Turks and the Spaniards presented another FILLUP.

In March, the students had the opportunity to try ice-skating, which was a first-time experience for many of them. Romanian and later Polish FILLUP, a trip to Poland to the towns of Auschwitz and Krakow, Laser Game or Easter egg painting, mountain trip to Radhost or excursion to Planetarium and Maltese FILLUP broadened the students´ horizons even further. Later ESN prepared a tournament in Beer Pong, a recruitment campaign “Find your super skills”, Persian, Columbian and Indian FILLUP and finally Goodbye Party organized with ESN Ostravska.

Winter term started with the Welcome Ceremony followed by the traditional events helping the students get to know the new place and it surroundings. We had Czech, Taiwan, Turkish or Chinese FILLUPs. We couldn´t omit a hiking trip, this time to the highest mountain of the Beskydy Mountains, Mount Lysa. As our country celebrated the 100th anniversary of its foundation, we made a Czechoslovak FILLUP and the first Movie Night. Walking the dogs from the city dog shelter, FILLUP India and FILLUP Belgium or a tournament in Archery Game were also much appreciated.

In December, ESN had a general meeting appointing new Board members and new Supporters and adapting our statutes.

Thank you for your cooperation in 2018 and Happy New Year!



Created: 3. 1. 2019
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Entered by:  Mgr. Irena Havelková
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