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2nd Project Face to Face Meeting LINKS Foundation in Turin

After eight months of work, the LEXIS Project started the first of four planned Face to Face Meetings which is under way in Turin from 10th to 12th September 2019, hosted by the LINKS Foundation in the Politecnico di Torino Campus.

“This Face to Face Meeting is the right place to present to the entire consortium of 16 partners coming from all over Europe key developments within the project. Particular focus is on the results coming from the technical innovations within the LEXIS Platform itself and how the three project Pilots (Aeronautics, Earthquake and Tsunami and Weather and Climate) leverage these new capabilities” states the Project Coordinator Dr. Jan Martinovic from IT4I.

“The expected outcome of this meeting will be the initial results of experimentation with new LEXIS technologies, including Atos Smart Burst Buffer technologies, advanced compute hardware (GPUs, FPGAs) as well as novel data management solutions and  workflow/pipeline mechanisms.” confirms the Dissemination Manager Dr. Olivier Terzo from LINKS.

Mr. Donato Magarielli of AvioAero who is leading the industrial Aeronautics Pilot observes that “the work done over the last months confirms that our dream is achievable: we can drastically reduce the running time of our CFD simulations and bring to the European aeronautics sector a compelling competitive advantage in terms of reduced design time  and improved design process quality  using enhanced and sophisticated simulations running on newly designed HPC/Cloud/BD platforms”.

Dr. Thierry Goubier of CEA adds that “we are driving the Earthquake and Tsunami Use case and we are confident we can significantly improve both forecast and responses to such major disasters - something that is of course essential for the French Atomic Energy Commission.”

The same sentiments are echoed by Dr. Antonio Parodi of CIMA and Dr. Emanuele Danovaro of ECMWF stating  that “the Weather and Climate Use case developed during the initial phase of LEXIS offers an excellent basis for testing the practical advantages of HPC cloud convergence in weather forecasting, paving the way to extensive  data fusion from non traditional weather sources such as innovative Smart Gateways. This work will support diverse use cases including providing Civil Protection Services with more actionable information in case of extreme weather events to help improve their response.”

Further requests for information about the project can be addressed to or to our LEXIS contact.

About project:

LEXIS is a European project in the Horizon 2020 framework with the aims to increase innovation by stimulating the interest of European Industries and creating an ecosystem of organisations that could benefit from the implemented platform of LEXIS setting up a connection between HPC, HPDA, Cloud and Data Management.

LEXIS runs from 2019 to 2021 with a budget of 14 M€ and involves 16 partners from all Europe.

You can find more detailed information about LEXIS at or by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


ACRONYM                                               PARTNER NAME
IT4I                                                           IT4Innovations, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Bull/Atos                                                   BULL SAS
LINKS                                                       LINKS FOUNDATION
TESEO                                                     TESEO SpA – EIFFAGE ENERGIE SYSTEME ITALY
CEA                                                           COMMISSARIAT À L'ÉNERGIE ATOMIQUE ET AUX ÉNERGIES ALTERNATIVES
LRZ                                                          BAYERISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN / Leibniz Rechenzentrum der BAdW
ECMWF                                                   EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR MEDIUM RANGE WEATHER FORECASTS
CIMA                                                         Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale - Fondazione CIMA
AvioAero                                                  GE AVIO SRL
GFZ                                                          HELMHOLTZ ZENTRUM POTSDAM DEUTSCHES GEO FOR SCHUNGS ZENTRUM GFZ
AWI                                                          Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
O24                                                          OUTPOST24
CYC                                                         CYCLOPS LABS GmbH
BLABS                                                     BAYNCORE LABS Limited
NUM                                                         NUMTECH SARL


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