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My Erasmus in Ostrava

My Erasmus in Ostrava
VŠB-TUO boasts a number of international students, with more than 300 having arrived this semester. We interviewed a few of them.

How do you like Ostrava?

It's a very peaceful city with perfect public transport and which is more cheaper than other European cities. And it's a real student city.

How is VSB-TUO, do you like it?

I like VSB a lot.It's a student friendly university.

What was your expectation before you arrived?

My expectation was being more social with Erasmus students and i made it.

What has surprised you in here?

People are very friendly in here. I was expecting the opposite before I came.

What is the biggest difference between your country and Czechia?

Lifestyle. Life is very simple in here, more than in my country.


Muhammed Ali Yıldız, student from Turkey 


Created: 16. 12. 2019
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