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My Erasmus in Ostrava

My Erasmus in Ostrava
VŠB-TUO boasts a number of international students, with more than 300 having arrived this semester. We interviewed a few of them.

How do you like Ostrava?

For me,  Ostrava has always been connected with industry.

How is VSB-TUO, do you like it?

I really like VSB, it is a wonderful university where you feel the spirit of knowledge, I will never forget the derby between the two Ostrava universities, VSB VSB!!!!. 

What was your expectation before you arrived?

How I said, I expect a lot of classes, I thought it would be only lessons. 

What has surprised you in here?

I was very surprised by the nightlife of this small town, the bars, clubs and a lot of great beer.

What is the biggest difference between your country and Czechia? 

Russia and the Czech Republic have much in common, but we have a different mentality, we also love meat, not knedliky (dumplings). In the Czech Republic there is a large number of national holidays, in Russia too, but often we have a working day. There is also freedom of opinion in the Czech Republic, it’s good, but it depends on the situation, and the topic, which is still in Russia, can cause a negative attitude. Russian people really like the Czech Republic, the brotherhood of Slavic people.

Denis Murugov, student from Russia 



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