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With Math4U secondary school students enjoy mathematics

With Math4U secondary school students enjoy mathematics
Mathematics is the nightmare of many secondary school students. Students do not enjoy the textbook-pencil-paper teaching style, and teachers have to spend a lot of time and effort in preparing novel materials and interesting examples to practice.

This is one of the reasons why the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of VSB - Technical University of Ostrava came up with the Math4U teaching portal for practising the entire secondary school mathematics.

The Math4U portal will allow teachers to prepare new exams and interactive tests from a vast database of 4200 examples within  a few minutes and engage the attention of the class by any of the 150 training games. It offers students an original app for practising on a mobile or tablet. Free, with beautiful graphics and in four languages.

“Teachers praise mainly fast preparation of tests. They no longer have to invent new tasks, draw complex images and process it technically. The application works like a shopping cart. Teachers choose the questions they like, put them into the shopping cart, press the button, and the test is prepared. With perfect math typesetting and in a printable PDF format. All you have to do is send it to a printer.” explain Petra Vondráková and Petr Beremlijski.

Students choose from twelve thematic areas, which are divided into other sub-areas and then by level. The student selects what he/she wants to practice, in which language, he/she also chooses the number of questions. The application will generate a tailor-made test. It consists of questions with one correct answer; the student gets an evaluation after answering each question. It has the possibility of continuous and comprehensive practice on a computer, tablet and mobile. Students can also practice together as they can also find a class section on the Math4U portal. It contains 150 interactive training games.

In the future, a lot of innovations will be added to Math4U – the classroom will be interactive, the teachers will be able to make their tests available to students via code, and obtain the students’ results and the success rate of the solution for each task. As a result, they will be able to focus on topics that are more difficult for students. The so-called cloned tests will also be a novelty for teachers. This means that when the teacher creates one exam, he/she will automatically receive a cloned one, i.e. A and B versions.

Math4U exists in several language variations – Czech, English, Polish, and Slovak. A Spanish translation is also planned. “English opens the door to the world, the project has also attracted the attention of participants of foreign conferences,” explains mathematicians, adding that they try to cover the curriculum of all countries because not all the curriculum that is taught here in the Czech Republic is also taught in Poland or Slovakia.

Created: 20. 1. 2020
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