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The Laboratory at FEI of VSB-TUO will open the way not only for faculty cooperation

The Laboratory at FEI of VSB-TUO will open the way not only for faculty cooperation
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VSB – Technical University of Ostrava can boast the new laboratory Multimedia Studio for the Production and Distribution of Audio-visual Content.

The laboratory will be used mainly for educational purposes, and it will mostly find use in the subjects Multimedia Technology I and II, one course deals with the creation of multimedia content and the other with its distribution. The laboratory equipment includes a keying wall for creating a virtual studio, lighting, sound system and of course, several cameras. Behind the wall in the next room, there is a direction from which students will give instructions to the studio, control the lighting, switch camera shots, there is a sound engineer desk and naturally, a video editing workplace. “Students will learn about the technique of TV studios. We have lacked this laboratory for many years,” says Miroslav Vozňák, Head of the Department of Telecommunications.

 There is also a multimedia club for primary school children. Thanks to their mobile phones, they have easy access to cameras and new video applications, which is why Přemysl Mer, who leads the club, teaches them that they cannot record everything with the phone. “In the beginning, we learn about the composition of the picture, its compilation and shots, and at the end, the children shoot and edit their own video,” explains the teacher. Other leisure activities are planned by the Department in cooperation with Educa TV o.p.s. (public service company).

 It took approximately one year to create The Laboratory of Multimedia Technology at FEI of VSB-TUO, and the idea came from similar laboratories at foreign universities. “This lab is intended for all students interested in multimedia technology, and we welcome ideas from other faculties about what our students could do in the classroom,” said Miroslav Vozňák and Přemysl Mer. Teaching in the new laboratory began in the summer semester 2020.

Created: 26. 2. 2020
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