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Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Dear students,

I would like to address you in this complicated situation on behalf of the management of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology. I hope that you and the people around you are fine and that you are spending these moments with your family or loved ones.

I am aware that this has been a difficult time for the FMST staff and especially you –  our students. Many of you may experience fear, worry, uncertainty – not only as regards your health and safety, but also matters related to your study obligations.

First of all, I understand the difficult situation of final year students of Bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s studies, who are expected to take state final exams at the end of the semester. We are currently working on planning the course of the teaching and the related necessities for the following months.

I would like you to know that we will do our best to limit the extent to which the current situation and the complications associated with it affect you. We will endeavour to ensure that you can properly complete your study obligations without difficulty.

Be the support for your loved ones at the moment, and if you can do it, help the people around you. But above all, always take care of your own safety.

Please use the current situation also for intensive study and fulfilment of study obligations, which you are able to ensure in home conditions. By doing so, you can help us solve the situation that is, as I mentioned, difficult for all of us.

I believe we can jointly cope with it. After all, we are the FMST team and are pulling together.

Take care and remember that we are here for you.


Jana Dobrovská

Dean of the Faculty of Materials Scienece and Technology

Created: 20. 3. 2020
Category:  News
Department: 600 - Faculty of Materials Science and Technology - Dean's Office