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Consultancy for International Students

Consultancy for International Students
VSB-TUO intermediates counselling and psychological services.

Looking after your health and wellbeing is essential. Life at university can be exciting and interesting, as well as can bring some challenges such as adjusting to a new environment and the general stress of student life. Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out to family and friends, or deal with things by ourselves. Counselling can be helpful during these times. Psychological Consultancy are provided for free and are confidential, short-term professional counselling to international students by an external psychologist.

The consultation is designed to cover a brief overview of your current situation and address any immediate concerns. At the end of your initial consultation, your counsellor will recommend some support options. Some people find that the initial consultation is sufficient for their needs, while others may proceed with short-term counselling.

Any information you provide at registration and what you talk about with your counsellor is confidential within the service. This means that everything you discuss with your counsellor is private.

If you want to get the psychologist consultation, you have to register in advance.

Book an appointment! (You will need to login with your school login, e.g., and your school password.) 

For more information send email to

Created: 25. 3. 2020
Category:  News
Department: 9230 - University International Office