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VSB - Technical University of Ostrava is working on the parking of the future

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava is working on the parking of the future
Imagine that you work in a city that suffers from a lack of parking spaces, so you look for a place to leave your car every morning and evening. You lose valuable time every day.

This is not the only reason why the company KOMA - Industry s.r.o. in cooperation with VSB – Technical University of Ostrava has found an innovative solution – automated parking system.

This system, designed by KOMA Industry, works on the principle of handling vehicles using an autonomous transport robot, thanks to which the vehicles are transported to a certain place. „VSB - Technical University of Ostrava brings a new way of storage to this system. Thanks to our solution, the entire pallet is handled. The pallet is designed as a separate one, so we are able to make optimal use of the available space and thus place a higher number of cars than ordinary multi-storey car parks,“ explains the director of the University ENET Centre Prof. Stanislav Mišák.

Another advantage is the possibility of recharging electric cars during the parking time. The ENET Centre has created a special connection method, thanks to which the electric car is charged. “There will be photovoltaics on the roof of the multi-storey car park with an automated parking system for charging a large battery pack during the work cycle, which supplies other systems,“ explains Prof. Mišák. Thanks to an automated control system, scientists are also able to balance the quality of the network and the parameters of electricity. „Imagine you have a multi-storey car park with above-ground and underground floors. Thanks to our system, you will use most of its built-up area. In the above-ground part of the building, there is also the possibility of using renewable sources, thus ensuring its partial energy self-sufficiency. By connecting more electric cars at the same time, through the developed solution, you do not load the distribution system. In symbiosis with our battery pack, we are able to supply anything we need,“ explains Stanislav Mišák about the functioning of the new generation of the multi-storey car park. Such a facility can function as a large backup source.

Everything is tested at the automated transport centre on the campus of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. “Everything works, we also have created a new control system. We have been granted a national patent for the electric power quality balancing system, and we are currently working on its application through a license agreement. In addition, documents are being prepared for the construction of such automated multi-storey car parks at several places in Ostrava,“ concludes Stanislav Mišák.


Created: 10. 6. 2020
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