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Reducing emissions with the right research

Reducing emissions with the right research
We are pleased to let you know that our article in THE magazine is now available online.

The institute’s main research is energy recovery from waste (municipal, biowaste, industrial), for example by combustion. Pyrolysis – the thermal treatment of waste without oxygen, to extract carbon, liquids or gasses – is a key focus, as is the production of biogas from biodegradable waste.

“These are processes which are already known and commercially applied, but we strive to develop improvements and the utilisation of products from them,” says Lucie Obalová, IET’s director.

Notable IET research projects include decreasing emissions from the combustion process in waste incinerators, and research into the mitigation of pollution from industrial processes, such as nitric acid production, with its high emissions of nitrous oxide and fossil fuel combustion that produces pollutants such as nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Professor Obalová says: “We focus on catalytic methods of reducing emissions from these processes.”

More in the article in the international magazine THE.


Created: 19. 11. 2020
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