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St. Nicholas for international students

St. Nicholas for international students
The University International Office prepared a surprise for international students on Friday, 4th December.

Students could come for small presents from St. Nicholas to the newly bulit Relax Zone in building C. They learned something about how we celebrate St. Nicholas in the Czech Republic and they also shared how they celebrate this day in their country.

They also wrote short messages about how they celebrate Christmas and what they wish for the the new year. If you walk through building C, stop and read the nice and funny messages from our international students. Due to complicated travelling, the majority of them will not go to their home countries for holidays, they will stay in Ostrava and celebrate Christmas together.

From the messages and the face-to-face meeting it was clear that the students regretted that they could not attend lessons during this semester in person and get know the university better. Hopefully, the upcoming semester will be more favourable.

Created: 7. 12. 2020
Category:  News
Entered by:  Administrator
Department: 9920 - Public Relations