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For me, studying for a master's degree was essential

For me, studying for a master
Lucie Videcká recalls her studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava comes up with a new series aimed at its graduates. Our editor Eva Molnárová interviews graduates of VSB-TUO regardless of age, field or professional specialization. It doesn't matter if you graduated decades ago or right now, you are still graduates of VŠB-TUO.

In the first part of our series, we interviewed Ing. arch. Lucie Videcká, a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. She completed her studies of Architecture and Civil Engineering. “The study of this branch was very challenging due to the scope of knowledge. We studied both technical building courses and artistic architectural courses, “ says Lucie at the beginning. Essential for her was her studies in the master's degree programme, where she found out in the Interior Studio that she would like to focus on the design of interiors for both residential and commercial premises. “And that came true for me – I am a freelancer, there are a lot of unique interiors in my portfolio. I am extremely happy for all the clients I have been able to work with,“ describes Lucie.

Lucie appreciates that the whole master's degree programme was more about architecture, design activities, creating ideas and a knowledge of history and graphics programs. “A person develops his/her skills with visualizations during each studio course. I even started to enjoy urbanism, which was a very difficult course for most of us studying the bachelor's degree programme,“ she recalls the studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. There were about 20  in the class and they were all good friends. The university is also about contacts, cooperation and entertainment, which Lucie and her classmates enjoyed a lot during various workshops and at the dormitories.

Together with her sister and another business partner, she is currently building their showroom called TWINSDesign. “We will offer tailor-made furniture – kitchens, cupboards, as well as type- design furniture,“ she smiles. She also works for the company IDK – Interior Design Courses. “I first took this annual weekend course myself during my studies at VSB-TUO, as I wanted to broaden my knowledge from interior designers with field practice,“ she adds.

Two years ago, Lucie started working for her Alma mater, Faculty of Civil Engineering. “I teach several courses at the faculty, and I teach Interior Studio course, which is my true love,“ she concludes.

Created: 7. 1. 2021
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