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The Rector’s Christmas greeting 2020

The Rector’s Christmas greeting 2020
The Rector’s Christmas greeting 2020

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,

This year has been very challenging for all of us, and we have had to adapt to many changes. But who else but us and our students should adapt quickly and come up with innovative solutions?

People often ask me about the situation in the next year. How will the examination period of the winter semester take place, how will the teaching be organized in the summer semester? When will it end and things will be the same as before again? And the only correct and honest answer is this: Things will never be as before again, but I will do my best to ensure that the quality of our university does not suffer.

Since March of this year, we have been working methodically to improve the conditions for online teaching, as well as to improve the quality of technical support. Individual tools that can be used are being addressed, and comments from teachers and students are being processed. At the same time, modifications and changes are taking place in projects, in cooperation with companies and foreign partners. International cooperation, which is one of the main criteria for evaluating our university, is practically unavailable at this time. We had to cancel or change regular events that have been organized for decades. Only during the pre-Christmas period, we have missed the lighting of the Christmas tree in front of the main university building, St. Nicholas for the children and grandchildren of the staff and all the nice Christmas meetings as the culmination of the joint work of the year.

However, we have something to look forward to also in 2021. We will open a unique testbed CPIT TL3, our flagship of new technologies in the field of Automotive, Home Care and Smart Factory. We will also start the construction of a new building of the Faculty of Economics, which its students are certainly looking forward to. We are preparing other large projects in areas that we want to focus on strategically – energy, IT, ecology, new materials. Employees will have an increased contribution to meals and supplementary pension insurance. Reconstruction of building A will be completed in the halls of residence.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays in peace and quiet, and I wish you and your loved ones, above all, good health in the coming New Year and let us cope with all future challenges we will have to face together.

Prof. Václav Snášel


Created: 18. 12. 2020
Category:  News
Entered by:  Ing. Petra Halíková
Department: 9920 - Public Relations