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International Summer School of Architecture

 11. 7. 2022 - 15. 7. 2022
International Summer School of Architecture
An academic programme offers an interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban planning, history of architecture and urban history on the example of the city of Ostrava.

An academic programme offers an interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban planning, history of architecture and urban history on the example of the city of Ostrava. We have a special topic for every year, topic for the 2022 is NEW ARCHITECTURE IN THE CITY AFTER COAL.

The summer course is oriented on (post)industrial city of Ostrava from different perspectives of architectural history, current development, and transformation to sustainable future of the city and region. A significant part of the program focuses on experimental procedures in the mediation of knowledge and creation of architectural solutions. The summer school of architecture offers 5 working days of creative experience filled with a team workshop, individual mini workshops, urban games in the streets of Ostrava, lectures, discussions, site visits and city research.

Through lectures, presentations, symposia, and walking tours we discover the past, the present and future development of architecture in Ostrava, its nature, urban life and its future development. To get a vivid sense of the architecture and the city itself, the class takes field trips to view significant places and buildings. We work on selected topics of in situ research and design workshops.

The summer school programme complements the university education. Particularly recommended for students in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, history of architecture and urban history, municipal development and geography. Another target group is professionals who want to go beyond the limits of their narrow specialization and people interested on architecture in their programme of life-long education. Maximum capacity of the course is 8-10 participants.

Course fee 30 EU includes administrative and teaching costs (food and accommodation during the course is not included)


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