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Workshop of NATO project QUANTUM5 in Ostrava

On 25-27 May 2022, a workshop within the framework of the NATO project Quantum5 took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava.

On this occasion, young researchers from VSB-TUO met with colleagues of the project partner from the University of Sarajevo. The two teams are working together to develop the deployment of quantum technologies for securing network traffic in campus networks, which is increasingly in the focus of attention not only of commercial entities and the professional community, but also of security forces, as confirmed by NATO, which is supporting the project within the SPS (Science for Peace and Security) research programme.

Thanks to the unique institutional background of VSB-TUO, which includes both technologies and knowledge in the field of quantum key distribution and campus 5G networks, including millimetre wave in 5G, it is possible to solve the challenging tasks within the QUANTUM5 project. The workshop included a practical demonstration of a 5G core encryption solution using quantum distributed keys (QKD). The VSB-TUO team implemented a SW encryptor that obtains keys of 265 bits length from QKD nodes via REST API and its throughput reaches 6.5 Gbps of encrypted traffic. During the workshop, lectures, demonstrations and training sessions on quantum and post-quantum cryptography were organized by VŠB-TUO, all complemented by discussions between research teams and exchange of experiences.

The QUANTUM5 project contributes to more secure mobile communications, demonstrates possible approaches to protect data transmission in the era of quantum computing and is supported by NATO project SPS G5894.


Created: 8. 6. 2022
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