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VSB-TUO will host students and teachers from three European countries. Together they will explore options for using aban

Starting on 18 July 2022, the Faculty of Mining and Geology of VSB-TUO will be hosting students and teachers from four European universities (Germany, Spain, and Poland). The meeting aims to collaborate on a new course of study.

The collaboration is a direct follow-up to a project which started last June, funded with support from the European Commission. The project looks at the options for the use of abandoned mines. Through joint workshops and lectures, the international team will seek to develop a new course of study, the content of which should reflect the experience of the four European countries involved in this issue. The visit to Ostrava was preceded by a visit of a delegation from the management of the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the University of Oviedo in Spain.

The universities involved, in addition to VSB - Technical University Ostrava, are the Technical University and Mining Academy of Freiberg, the George Agricola Technical University, both from Germany, the University of Oviedo from Spain, and the Silesian Polytechnic from Poland. All these scientific institutions have experience in the field of mining. The exchange of experience and knowledge between students and teachers is the best combination for the creation of a course that will have an international overlap and will then introduce students to the issue of abandoned mines throughout Europe.


Given the focus of the planned course, the guests will visit technical monuments in our region. As this is the best way to present the topics addressed at the Faculty of Mining and Geology of VSB-TUO practically and attractively.


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