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International Scientific Advisory Board met for the first time at VSB-TUO

International Scientific Advisory Board met for the first time at VSB-TUO
The first meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board of VSB-TUO took place at the Technical University of Ostrava from 15 to 17 May 2024.

Its members are representatives of universities from Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Poland and Croatia. The International Scientific Advisory Board will provide the university with multilateral feedback in the field of science and research, education, but also its third role.

The guests started to come to Ostrava on Tuesday, May 14. The organizers prepared not only a professional program for them: on Wednesday, in addition to networking and negotiations with the management of VSB-TUO and its faculties and institutes, a tour of our campus awaited them. On Thursday, an official meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board of VSB-TUO took place. On Friday, May 17, individual meetings took place at the faculties and research centers of VSB-TUO.

The task of the International Scientific Advisory Board of VSB-TUO is mainly to provide incentives to increase the quality of scientific research and educational activities in order to increase the international reputation of VSB-TUO and improve its position as an internationally recognized research university. Furthermore, cooperation in evaluating the quality of scientific and educational activities of the university, providing recommendations in the area of newly introduced research and educational programmes or providing opinions and recommendations requested by the rector or vice-rectors.

“The feedback provided by our International Scientific Advisory Board is very valuable. The agenda of the meeting was now the presentation of the university, the presentation of our Strategic plan for the period 2021-27. We also submitted to the Board our Self-Evaluation Report, which we prepared for the evaluation of the EUA. We presented our current flagship projects from the Fair Transformation call – REFRESH A LERCO and also the MATUR project,” summarizes the meeting of the rector of the university Prof. Snášel.

The International Scientific Advisory Board newly adds other bodies of the university, such as the Scientific Board, the Industrial Board or the Pedagogical Board. Thanks to these councils, VSB-TUO is in contact with important stakeholders with whom it manages to work together on the direction of our University. “The members of the International Scientific Advisory Board are experts in their respective fields. Their advice and recommendations can help VSB-TUO to create research and education strategies, trends and opportunities in a given field,” introduces the main function of the Council Vice-Rector for Science and Research Prof. Jana Kukutschová and continues: “the members come from different states, institutions and cultural backgrounds, which allows the University to gain a global perspective. This allows us to better understand the needs and trends in science, research and education at a global level.”

The International Scientific Advisory Board can help the University to establish contacts and partnerships with other institutions, scientific organizations and industrial partners around the world. This can lead to new possibilities of cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of research and development, exchange of students and scientists.

Overall, the International Scientific Advisory Board can provide our University with valuable knowledge, perspectives and support to advance its mission of education, research and a third role.

Created: 16. 5. 2024
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