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Study branch Applied Mechanics

About study programme

The graduate student gains the very good knowledge and ability in the field of solving the technical problems attached with mechanics. Except of standard design abilities and skills he gains the deeper insight and understanding to the physical background of the technical objects. The graduate will be able to perform the computer simulations as standard as single-purpose, using both commonly accessible and specialized software. The graduate also gains the ability to perform the measurement and evaluation in the fields of tensometry, photoelasticimetry and vibration diagnostic. The graduate will find employment in any mechanical engineering firm as analysist, computer simulation worker or designer.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Study programme Engineering
Type of study Bachelor
Language of instruction English
Code of the branch S01
Title of the branch Applied Mechanics
Regular period of the study 3 years
Cost 50,000 CZK per semester
Coordinating department Department of Applied Mechanics
Coordinator doc. Ing. Martin Fusek, Ph.D.
Key words Construction and Calculation
Materials, technology, development, experiment, rapid prototyping, CNC
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