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Study programme Computer Science

About study programme

The graduate of The Bachelor Computer Science Program is a professional with knowledge and skills that meet internationally recognized standards. The bachelor study provides him/her excellent ability to orientate him/herself on the evolving labor market. During the study, the ratio between knowledge and skills is very carefully balanced, even concerning the individual interest of the student. Also though new technologies are still emerging and promoting, the background of the bachelor’s degree provides excellent potential for further professional growth needed to adapt to new trends in technology development and the ability to be successful after graduation. In the case of a broader interest in the field, the graduate of the bachelor program is well-prepared to continue the master’s degree of the Computer Science program.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Type of study Bachelor
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme B0613A140010
Title of the programme Computer Science
Regular period of the study 3 years
Cost 50,000 CZK per semester
Coordinating department Department of Computer Science
Coordinator doc. Mgr. Miloš Kudělka, Ph.D.
Key words software design and development
computer graphics
computer systems and databases
intelligent systems
software engineering
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