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Study programme Nanotechnology

About study programme

The nanotechnology is one of the youngest and most significantly developing scientific disciplines of the 21st century. VŠB-TUO offers the study of this interesting field in a bachelor´s study. The program of study has interdisciplinary character and provides theoretical knowledge of physics and chemistry. It is focused on the study of the structure, properties of nanomaterials and their preparation. The graduate has wide range of employment in laboratories and operations of industrial enterprises that deal with modern materials. At the same time, the graduate can continue in follow up master degree program and thus deepen his knowledge and skills.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Bachelor
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme B0719A270002
Title of the programme Nanotechnology
Regular period of the study 3 years
Cost 50,000 CZK per semester
Coordinating department Department of Chemistry and Physico-Chemical Processes
Coordinator Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.
Key words Nanomaterials
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