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Study programme Metallurgical Technology

About study programme

The doctoral study branch Metallurgical Technology covers the entire issue of production and processing of liquid and solid materials based on iron and non-ferrous metals, thereby holds a unique position in the structure of disciplines of Czech universities.Workplaces of specialized departments are equipped with modern experimental, instrumental and analytical equipment with which it is possible to solve the challenging tasks of scientific research projects in the field of basic and also of applied research. The Doctoral Degree Programme educates top scientific professionals who will be able to apply their knowledge in the scientific, research, development and also in the production sphere in a highly professional and leader functions in the specific field and also in related fields.


  • Foundry technologist
  • Technologist-metallurg
  • Leading technologist
  • Non-ferrous metal technologist
  • Rapid prototyping technology engineer
  • Metallurgical operation technologist
  • Researcher
  • Forming technology manager
  • Materials production technologist

Hard skills

  • Optimization of the course of metallurgical processes in steel production and casting
  • MAGMASoft simulation programme
  • Evaluation of deformation behaviour of metallic materials
  • Optimization of extract drawing processes
  • Knowledge of metallurgical processes in metal production
  • Optimization of the steel casting process using SW ProCAST and QuikCAST
  • Design of technological processes of production
  • Optimization of refining processes in the production of molten metals using SW ANSYS Fluent
  • Simulation of forming processes using PC programmes
  • Knowledge of basic metallurgical factors influencing the formability of sheet metal
  • Knowledge of casting technology
  • Assessment of formability of materials
  • Knowledge of plasticity
  • Orientation in modelling of volume forming processes
  • Orientation in properties and use of molding materials
  • Procedures for production of pressure castings
  • Knowledge of steel production technology in converters
Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme P0715D270007
Title of the programme Metallurgical Technology
Regular period of the study 4 years
Cost 3500 € per year
Coordinating department Department of Metallurgy and Foundry
Coordinator prof. Ing. Karel Michalek, CSc.
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