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Study programme Thermal engineering and fuels in industry

About study programme

The aim of the doctoral study program "Thermal Engineering and Fuels in Industry" is the scientific education of professionals who are able to creatively solve scientific research problems in the field of thermal engineering, energy, fuel chemistry, ceramic materials especially for high temperatures and material and energy utilization of waste. . The graduate is able to independently identify and formulate a scientific problem, design and develop a method of solution and implement theoretical, experimental, computational or simulation activities aimed at solving the problem. Graduates of the field are ready to develop and design new technologies and thermal-technical and energy equipment, as well as to increase the technical level of existing ones, especially with regard to increasing productivity, saving fuels and energy while minimizing environmental impact.


  • Power engineering investment specialist
  • Power engineering auditor
  • Power engineering researcher
  • Power engineering design engineer
  • Power engineering project manager

Hard skills

  • Ability to design refractory structures and linings
  • Orientation in the field of refractory materials and their applications
  • Orientation in the field of thermal energy equipment
  • Orientation in the field of the heating industry, boiler issues, and heat distribution
  • Knowledge of ceramic materials for energy processes
  • Application of mathematical methods in energy and thermal engineering
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Basics of programming in SW Matlab
  • Knowledge of properties and applications of materials for energetics
  • Application of non-destructive tests using active thermography
  • Knowledge of properties of the gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels
  • Knowledge of creating energy balances and standardization of energy consumption
  • Application of natural sciences in energy and thermal engineering
  • Knowledge of binary and ternary equilibrium phase diagrams
  • Knowledge of calculations and design of heat exchangers
  • Orientation in the field of use of secondary energy sources
  • Knowledge of the effects of thermal processes on the environment
  • Knowledge in the field of interchangeability of gaseous fuels
  • Knowledge in the field of thermodynamics of ceramic systems
  • Applications of the basics of thermodynamics in power engineering and thermal engineering
  • Determination of efficiency of thermal and energy equipment
  • Heat sharing and mass transfer
  • MS Excel application for thermal calculations
  • Knowledge of the structure of ceramic materials
Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme P0713D070002
Title of the programme Thermal engineering and fuels in industry
Regular period of the study 4 years
Cost 3500 € per year
Coordinating department Department of Thermal Engineering
Coordinator prof. Dr. Ing. René Pyszko
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