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Study programme Management of Industrial Systems

About study programme

The study program is based on a systemic, integrated concept of managing industrial activities and processes in market economy conditions. As a balanced interconnection of knowledge of industrial economics and management, advanced quality management and intelligent control systems with technical and technological knowledge, the study program is oriented mainly to production systems of the metallurgical, chemical and engineering industries.


  • Scientific researcher for process control

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of the theory of maintenance systems
  • The human factor in quality management
  • Basics of labour law legislation
  • Management methods
  • Financial instruments
  • Knowledge of the basics of marketing activities
  • Budgeting
  • Warehouse management
  • Measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities
  • Knowledge of technological processes
  • SW 3D/CAD
  • Calibration and verification of sensors
  • Knowledge of process improvement methods
  • Programming of industrial PCs
  • Change management
  • Tax system of the Czech Republic
  • Production quality management
  • Quality management systems
  • Low voltage
  • PCB design
  • Managerial knowledge
  • Basics of spectral analyses
  • C#
  • Knowledge of quality monitoring and evaluation
  • Mathematical methods and analyses
  • Organization management
  • Computer support for quality management
  • Financial reporting
  • Design of analog electronic circuits and their simulation (Pspice)
  • Knowledge of the quality system ČSN EN ISO 9001
  • Robot programming
  • Production organization and management
  • Basics of business law
  • Applied informatics and management
  • Basics of wage legislation
  • VAT Act
  • 2D design programmes
  • Business administration
  • Programming of industrial PLC applications
  • Python programming language
  • Design of linear power supplies
  • Quality control
  • Project management
  • Knowledge of automation
  • Income Tax Act
  • ERP system
  • Statistical methods of quality management
  • Accounting
  • Knowledge of industrial management methodology
  • Knowledge of IFS quality system
  • Nondestructive testing - ultrasound
  • Management of production and pre-production processes
  • Asynchronous generators
  • Industrial logistics
  • Knowledge of the basics of business economics
  • Knowledge of management methods and techniques
  • Design of switching power supplies
  • Knowledge of signal processing methods
  • Knowledge of data analysis
  • Industrial automation
  • Knowledge of metallurgical processes in metal production
  • C++
  • Knowledge of mechanical engineering technologies
  • AD/DA converters
  • Design of switching power supplies
  • Methods and tools of quality management
  • Quality management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Designing production systems
  • Accounting Act
  • SW Matlab
  • Demonstration of product conformity
  • Knowledge of process optimization
  • Knowledge of battery systems
  • Knowledge of maintenance management
  • Procedures and methods of quality planning
  • Marketing
  • Presentation and defense of work results
  • Statistical methods
  • Preparation of production
  • Integrated management systems
Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme P0413D270001
Title of the programme Management of Industrial Systems
Regular period of the study 4 years
Cost 3500 € per year
Coordinating department Department of Automation and Computing in Industry
Coordinator prof. Ing. Zora Koštialová Jančíková, CSc.
Key words quality management
economics and management
information systems
automation and control
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