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Study programme Quality Management and Control of Industrial Systems

About study programme

The aim of the study program Quality Management and Control of Industrial Systems is to educate middle and top managers of manufacturing companies, design, research, development and other specialized institutions, especially for the industrial sphere of metallurgy and mechanical engineering, in relation to the automotive industry. The study is based on a balanced synergistic combination of quality management knowledge, managerial and economic knowledge and knowledge of modern control, information and communication technologies. Graduates of the study program will find employment as quality managers or quality engineers, as specialists in the field of process control using progressive control, information and communication technologies, and in a number of management functions at various levels of organization management.


  • Enterprise information systems specialist
  • Process management specialist
  • Economist in manufacturing company
  • Auditor of quality management systems
  • Industrial data analyst
  • Industrial engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Quality control specialist
  • Quality manager
  • Quality inspector
  • Automation systems specialist

Hard skills

  • Quality control
  • Knowledge in the field of production technologies
  • Managerial knowledge
  • Statistical methods of quality management
  • Applied informatics and management
  • Industrial automation
  • Procedures and methods of quality planning
  • Methods and tools of quality management
  • Quality management
  • Statistical methods
  • Knowledge of quality monitoring and evaluation
  • Quality management systems
  • Production organization and management
  • Production quality management
  • Business administration
  • Financial instruments
  • Computer support for quality management
  • Change management
  • Orientation in regulations, legislation for metrology, quality for the Czech Republic, and legislation common in the Union
  • Evaluation of production and pre-production processes

Study curriculum

Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0413A270003
Title of the programme Quality Management and Control of Industrial Systems
Regular period of the study 2 years
Cost 4000 € per year
Coordinating department Department of Quality Management
Coordinator prof. Ing. Jiří Plura, CSc.
Key words quality management
intelligent control
industrial systems
industrial statistics
business economics
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