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Study programme Metallurgical engineering

About study programme

The study program is aimed at educating specialists for modern metallurgy and engineering. Initially, basic common theoretical courses are taught, suitably complemented by courses in, for example, materials science, management and quality management. The study program also covers the subjects of iron and steel production, foundry and bulk forming. The study program is characterized by the close interconnection of the pedagogical process with the often unique experimental basis and the use of computer technology in process modeling.


  • Materials production technologist
  • Forming technology manager
  • Production manager
  • RαD engineer in the field of materials science
  • Metallurgical operation technologist
  • Process management specialist
  • Research team leader
  • Foundry technologist
  • Research and development specialist
  • Technologist-metallurg

Hard skills

  • Presentation and defense of work results
  • SW Simulink - Fluids
  • SW Simufact Forming
  • Evaluation of deformation behaviour of metallic materials
  • Knowledge of technological processes
  • Optimization of the course of metallurgical processes in steel production and casting
  • Design of technological processes of production
  • Knowledge of steel production technology in converters
  • Methods and tools of quality management
  • Creation of technical reports
  • Knowledge of the influence of forming on the properties and structure of a material
  • Tests of formability of metallic materials
  • Procedures for production of pressure castings
  • Knowledge of casting technology
  • Knowledge of metallurgical processes in metal production
  • Knowledge of the basics of business economics
  • Orientation in the processing of materials and input raw materials
  • Orientation in properties and use of molding materials
  • Assessment of formability of materials
  • Reading technical documentation
  • Orientation in the production and modifications of metallic materials
  • Optimization of refining processes in the production of molten metals using SW ANSYS Fluent
  • Knowledge of production documentation of casting
  • Knowledge of technology of steel and ferroalloys production in electric arc and induction furnaces
  • Orientation in modelling of volume forming processes
  • Simulation of forming processes using PC programmes
  • Knowledge of materials
  • Optimization of the steel casting process using SW ProCAST and QuikCAST
  • MAGMASoft simulation programme

Study curriculum

Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0715A270010
Title of the programme Metallurgical engineering
Regular period of the study 2 years
Cost 4000 € per year
Coordinating department Department of Materials Forming
Coordinator prof. Ing. Ivo Schindler, CSc.
Key words foundry
bulk forming
iron and steel production
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