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Overview of ECTS subjects on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CodeTitleCreditsLanguage of InstructionSemesterContact
460-2006/04 Computer Networks 5 English Winter Ing. Pavel Moravec, Ph.D.
460-2009/05 Introduction to Software Engineering 4 English Winter Ing. Svatopluk Štolfa, Ph.D.
460-2016/06 Operating Systems 5 English Winter Ing. Petr Olivka, Ph.D.
460-2034/04 Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems 6 English Winter Ing. Petr Olivka, Ph.D.
460-2058/02 Java Programming I 4 English Winter Ing. Jan Kožusznik, Ph.D.
460-2076/01 JavaScript 3 English Winter prof. Ing. Jan Platoš, Ph.D.
712-0124/04 English Language b/I for FEI - intermediate 2 English Winter Mgr. Andrea Wlochová, Ph.D.