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On-campus accommodation is guaranteed for international students in 5 perfectly located, well appointed buildings, housing over 3000 students.


  • Accommodation capacity is 3 074 beds
  • Central campus location
  • Easily accessible by public transport
    • Tram No. 7, 8, 17 tram stop „Rektorát VŠB“
    • Bus No. 37 bus stop „Studentské koleje“
  • Cultural and sport facilities on the campus
  • Apply for dormitories online. For more information visit Accommodation VSB-TUO.   

Building A and B

  • 13 floors
  • 1 dwelling unit          
    • 1 room with 2 beds
    • 1 room with 3 beds
    • 2 rooms – shared sanitary facility and hall with refrigerator
  • Common kitchen for the whole floor (stove, electric kettle and microwave)
  • Internet connection available

Building C, D, E

  • 1 cell – shared sanitary facility and kitchenette (fridge, cooker)


  • Canteen on the campus - Menza, Snack Bar
  • 5 meals menu every day, including vegetarian

Additional sale of food and refreshments

  • Buffets     
  • Restaurants, pizzeria

Free time 

  • Sport, minigolf course, gym, table tennis, games room, student club, music classroom,...

Accommodation office

  • Ground floor of the building B – contact the office in case of any problem or doubt
  • Click the to see office hours
  • Address of the office:

Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava
Ubytovací služby a Stravovací služby
Studentská 1770, 700 32 Ostrava-Poruba
Czech Republic

Private accommodation


Full degree applicants:

Semester and summer school students: