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All international students must arrange health insurance before their arrival to the Czech Republic. When they do so, they are entitled to visit any general practitioner. A valid insurance card is required in all cases of medical care.

A modern hospital complex „Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava“ together with an emergency department and usual doctor´s offices of general practitioners, dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialists, is situated just next to the University campus in Ostrava-Poruba, within walking distance.

An appointment should be arranged before any regular visit to the out-patient part of the hospital. The out-patient section is accessible every working day, the hospital is accessible non-stop in emergency cases. For appointments call 597 371 111 or see the website: .Foreign students can of course use this medical service in both usual and emergency cases.

In case of sudden illness, accidents and the like can be resolved using theEmergency servicein hospital (the special department in hospital) or in very serious cases it is possible to call the Central emergency line 112.


Full degree applicants:

Semester and summer school students: