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You can select from our attractive offer of representative premises which you can rent and organize an event in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

About the auditorium

Since 2006 the auditorium has been part of the complex of VSB-TUO. It is a three- floor building, connected by a catwalk with the Central Library of VSB-TUO. The auditorium is used for lectures, ceremonials, graduations, congresses, international conferences, but also for cultural events such as balls and theatre performances.

All halls are equipped with a high quality audiovisual and stage equipment, wifi connections, modern interiors and acoustic lay-outs.

A unique system of heating and cooling using thermal pumps has been used in this building, the biggest project of its kind in the Czech Republic.

In 2007 the auditorium and CIT premises of VSB-TUO were awarded 1st place in competition "Stavba roku MSK" - the Grand Prix Award, and also it took second place in the competition "Dům roku" (Building of the Year) announced by Statutory City of Ostrava.

Spaces for rent

Space Capacity of the space Dimensions Note
UA 1 the large hall 473 The premises with a quarter sector of a circle plan, with a 30m radius, height from the stage floor up to curtain 6.5m, up to the ceiling 9.3m; height from the floor up to the highest point of the ceiling 11.2m Gallery, stage direction premises, the organs
UA 2 - the multi-purpose hall 120 A rectangular plan, width 11.6m, length with the stage 21.5m The possibility of variable seat arrangements
UA 3 - the blue lecture hall 88 A quarter sector of a circle plan, with a 10.5m radius
UA 4 - the green lecture hall 85 A quarter sector of a circle plan, with a 10m radius
UA 5 - the red lecture hall 41 An irregular sector of a circle - the longer side 12m, the shorter one 9m
UA 178 - the rector's lounge 55 A quarter sector of a circle plan, with a 10m radius Catering facilities, the cloakroom itself, its own entrance
UA 235 - the small rector's loungek 25 Catering facilities
UA 249 - the VIP lounge 4 Catering facilities
buffet 120