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Important information about Coronavirus

Important information about Coronavirus for students and employees.

For students:

Due to previously issued emergency measures of the Ministry and government regulations, it has already been decided that teaching at VSB-TUO will be provided in the form of distance learning by the end of the academic year 2019/2020. Therefore, the Rector stipulated that the personal presence of VSB-TUO students is permitted only to students in the final year of study, under these conditions:

  • the consultation or examination can take place in the presence of a maximum of 15 people in a group (including students and the person providing the consultation or the examiner),
  • laboratory, experimental or artistic work, especially for the realization of final theses within the study in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral degree programme can be carried out in the presence of a maximum of 15 people,
  • clinical and practical teaching and practice.

Entry into the VSB-TUO premises for students in other years can be realized only in the case of individual visits to libraries and study rooms for the purpose of collecting or handing in study literature, and only in urgent cases and under the conditions specified in paragraph 3. In urgent cases,  the Dean of the Faculty will decide on the entry of such students into the VSB-TUO premises and will inform the Rector of VSB-TUO, including the justification of the decision.

Information for students about the course of the semester during the coronavirus epidemic (current information on 11 May 2020)

Information for students about online learning opportunities

Information for students staying at the dormitories of VSB-TUO

For employees:

On 17 July 2020, the Regional Public Health Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region with its seat in Ostrava (hereinafter referred to as the “RPHA”) issued Emergency Measure No. 15/2020, by which it introduced emergency measures on the territory of the entire Moravian-Silesian Region with effect from its publication until revocation.

Emergency Measure No. 15/2020 is available at:

In view of this fact the Rector orders all senior employees to regularly check compliance with the RPHA regulations, Article 16 prohibition of movement and stay of all persons without respiratory protective equipment in all internal areas of the VSB-TUO premises for their subordinate employees and other persons moving around workplaces managed by them, with the exception of persons  eferred to in Article 16, namelyn - in (f): students, participants in the admission procedure, cademic staff, members of examination boards for state examinations and entrance examinations at higher education institutions pursuant to Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Acts, 

The Rector prohibits the organization of events with the participation of more than 100 people in all indoor and outdoor areas of VSB-TUO.

The Rector orders the relevant senior employees of VSB-TUO to draw the attention of tenants operating catering services in all VSB-TUO premises to the restrictions arising from Emergency Measure No. 15/2020 issued by the RPHA for the operation of these facilities.

The Rector orders deans, directors of higher education institutions and directors and heads of university-wide workplaces, if they employ cross-border workers, to ensure compliance with the obligation under Emergency Measure No. 15/2020, Article 19 at workplaces managed by them and workplaces managed by their subordinates so that in the event of an inspection by the RPHA, it is possible to prove the fulfilment of the employer’s obligation imposed by Emergency Measure No. 15/2020. He recommend that a copy of the medical certificate of going through the PCR test be filed at the workplace of the employee concerned every 14 days.

Information for teachers about the possibilities of online teaching

For all:

Statutory declaration for entrance


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