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Rector's message to students

Rector's message to students

Dear students,

Recently, I have issued orders that significantly restrict the activities of our university. I would like to give you more detailed information regarding this step so that you understand its importance and the reasons that led me to it. These measures aim to slow the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. The growth of this epidemic is very fast in Europe. This is due to the vast interconnection of our society. Already in 1967, Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment showing that in the US, a connection between any two people could be found through an average of six people. This experiment has been repeated several times in the “digital” time, and the results have always been confirmed. This phenomenon is called “Small World” and points to very small social distances between people. As you know, strict measures are aimed at preventing community transmission, i.e. group contact. Basically, it is the only tool to slow the ongoing epidemic. These are the main reasons why I cancelled personal participation in teaching and closed the university.

Our university has long played an important role in solidarity with our society. I would remind you of the actions as the invitation to donate blood, where we donated blood in the University Hospital Ostrava more than 600 times, a collection on a transparent account for victims of shooting at the University Hospital Ostrava, and more. At present, our university has produced almost 8,000 litres of disinfection. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that not only these “great” deeds are the basis of the good name and reputation of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, but every single act of solidarity is a good advert for our university and all of us. I would like to ask you for help in building the good name and reputation of our university. Even the smallest good deed counts.

Dear students, the fact that teaching has stopped obviously makes your student life complicated. I would like to assure you that the aim of the university is to ensure that this interruption does not have a negative effect, that the teachers are forthcoming, provide you with the maximum support, information and study materials. In short, the essential elements are semester, final state examinations, examinations and credits. While the situation may change from day to day in the light of current developments, we can at least provide the initial information in general.

The summer semester 2020 is likely to be extended, all further details regarding the methods and schedule of examinations or credit tests will be posted on the university website and on the special webpages of all faculties by the end of March. The solutions of individual faculties and departments may differ and will be based on the specifics and possibilities of particular degree programmes.  

The dates of the graduation ceremonies will be determined in connection with the completion of the state final examinations.

As regards the issue of fees for exceeding the standard length of studies, VSB-TUO will try to take into account the current development of the situation.

We have set up this particular page for timely information.

Also, be sure to follow our FAQ updated continually.

Self-study is difficult, but it can also bring joy. When you find that you can “get to the bottom” of many things yourselves, you will surely feel good. However, should you encounter any obstacles, please write to , we will solve the problems. Restarting teaching is one of the essential tasks for the whole university management, faculties, departments and institutes. Be active, study, devote time to education and contact teachers.

Dear students, in my speeches on the occasion of the award of diplomas, I regularly encourage graduates to think positively and to act. Let us look for positive things even at this time. Being beneficial to society is part of the genetic code of our university. I believe that together we will overcome all limitations!

The university management stands by you.

Best regards

Václav Snášel

Rector of VSB-TUO

Created: 20. 3. 2020
Category:  News
Entered by:  Administrator
Department: 9910 - Rector's Secretary's Office