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Art & Science 2024

 5. 9. 2024, 9:00 - 21:00
 Kampus VŠB-TUO
VSB – The Technical University of Ostrava has been hosting its own Art & Science festival since 2015, presenting itself to visitors in a different light every year. This year, the festival will take place on Thursday, September 5.

VSB-TUO is not only a place for education, science and research, it is also a place of creative thinking with an overlap into art and creativity. Every year we prepare the professional and artistic parts of the program, which naturally intersect and complement each other. Doing science is art. And art is sometimes a nice science.

Look at what last year looked like!


The program focuses on both science and art. We dedicate the morning to primary and secondary schools, the afternoon to our students, employees and graduates.



At the Art & Science festival, music stars from our students, employees and graduates perform. In previous years, DJ Kmin, DJ GI-A or DJ Daddy Adams performed, the folklore ensemble OPAVICA, Orchestra VŠB-TUO, NANOVO/Mikuláš Hrbáček, SACA or for example Jaroslav Uhlíř with a band or Monkey Business presented themselves.

This year you can look forward to:

NANOVO / Mikuláš Hrbáček


Orchestra VSB-TUO




Science and technology are represented by the most competent: our scientists and researchers, in the form of commented demonstrations, experiments or workshops. The event is traditionally attended not only by our seven faculties, but also by scientific and other workplaces.

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