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Students wishing to come to study at VSB–TUO as Exchange Programme students must apply to university through an Online Application Form. An Exchange Coordinator at your home institution as well as a Faculty Coordinator from VSB-TUO might help you with application procedures.

A student must fill-in personal information and the desired courses in the online application (recommended workload is 30 ECTS Credits per semester) and submit a draft. After approving by a faculty coordinator from VSB-TUO (an email confirmation will be sent) an Application Form containing a Learning Agreement will be prepared for downloading from a Summary of Application section (a printer icon). 

The Learning Agreement duly signed by both the student and the Responsible Person is the main document that must be sent. The scanned Learning Agreement, the Approval of language skills, the Transcript of Records and a copy of passport will be sent through the Online Application Form. The documents need to be in one pdf file.

Online Application Form

Application documents

  1. Learning Agreement for Studies.
  2. Authorized approval declaring English language skills - min requirements: IELTS score 5,0, TOEFL internet-based score 62, TOEIC 780 (or possibly other certificates at the same level).
  3. Transcript of Records from home university in English duly confirmed by the representative of the university.
  4. Copy of the regular passport within a period of validity.

Nomination deadlines

Deadlines for sending a nomination list by your coordinator:

31 MARCH for the winter semester and for the whole academic year
30 SEPTEMBER for the summer semester

Application deadlines

Deadlines for submitting forms:

30 APRIL for the winter semester and for the whole academic year
31 OCTOBER for the summer semester

Please note that the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava can not guarantee a place in the programme after the deadlines.

For more information about the faculty you want to study contact a proper faculty coordinator.

Before arrival

Before arrival to the Czech Republic a student has to make sure that he/she has all the following documents:

  • valid passport
  • Learning Agreement confirmed by VSB–TUO
  • Transcript of Records provided and confirmed by his/her home university presenting his/her academic performance before the mobility period
  • valid health and accident insurance
  • sufficient financial means


Remember to book your room at the Halls of Residence.

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NOTE for students: Do not forget to announce the precise date and time of your arrival at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava to the contact person of receiving faculty at VSB-TUO no later than 3 weeks before your definitive arrival.

NOTE fore students with visa requirements: Due to changes in the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic, our Hall of Residence cannot send the prove of accomodation via Data Box. Please apply for accommodation before application deadline. Otherwise we will have to send this document on your expense. Thank you for your cooperation.