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Dear students staying at the dormitory of VSB-TUO,

The dormitories are the most risky place of coronavirus outbreak in these days. Because of some students who are staying together, not wearing masks, scarves or anything else to cover their mouths and noses in the campus and ignoring emergency state regulation in our country, their safety and also safety of other students is endangered.

In the following days, the quarantine with the strictest regime on the VSB-TUO dormitories may be introduced. So if you currently have the opportunity to go home, do so without delay. If you stay on the dormitory, prepare yourself for a very strict quarantine regime that will be strictly controlled.

Teaching at VSB-TUO continues in a contactless form, so almost everyone can study from home safely. It is very likely that the summer semester will run in contactless mode. That is why there is not any reason to stay at the dormitory.

The buildings of all faculties are closed, only the 24-hour gatehouse at Building A, EKF, FAST, FBI will operate. In view of the increasing risk, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide sufficient staff for the dormitories, without which there would be a risk that the dormitory would close completely. We are obliged to ensure their safety, and at the present difficult time and with the current number of guests, we are not able to guarantee. Therefore, we have decided to increase control over compliance with the isolation and quarantine regime.

If you stay in the dormitory, you have to count on the consequences of quarantine.

At this point, we urge you to consider the need to stay in dormitory. If it is possible for you to go home, do not hesitate.

Upon handover of the room, the Accommodation office will immediately terminate the accommodation and be charged without loss of deposit.

University management