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The preferred site where students can find the study materials loaded in the source systems is the e-learning (e-výuka) portal available at

The study materials are listed there according to the individual version of the courses, which can be searched for by the name or code entered in the search box. The second option is to browse the course according to criteria such as faculty, type of study, the language of instruction, etc.

Study materials are available on the portal from the following sources:

  • Study texts from the EDISON system.
  • E-learning courses from the LMS/Moodle system (containing about 850 versions of courses for the summer semester 19/20).
  • Documents from a DSpace digital repository.
  • List of compulsory and recommended literature supplemented with information from the university library system.

You can refer students to study materials either directly by a link to the course page (e.g., or by using the automatic export of multiple courses from the portal suitable for the department website (e.g.:

If necessary, contact the CIT helpdesk (, the direct link to the Web Portal queue).

For online teaching (lectures, consultations) in the form of conference broadcasts, it is possible to use the LMS environment using the BigBlueButton tool designed for remote teaching. Using this tool, the teacher can communicate with the students during the lecture in the form of text, sound and video, presentations can be made, and an interactive whiteboard can be used with the possibility of students’ involvement.

Remote learning is part of the LMS Moodle electronic learning system at

If necessary, contact the CIT helpdesk (, the direct link to the LMS queue).